Against Home Depot Theology

An interesting article in the Christian Science Monitor about the resurgence of Calvinism. It’s a good read, but at the end the writer throws in some nonsense idea about the Emergent/Emerging Church movement being something related to 500 year cycles.

Christian Faith: Calvinism is Back

I think the resurgence of interest in the classical doctrines of Grace, the sovereignty of God, the absolute supremacy of the Scriptures illuminated by the Holy Spirit as our only infallible guidance, also known collectively as “Calvinism” or “Reformed Theology” is definitely due, in part, to a reaction against the unintellectual, feel-good centric, scripturally unfounded Home Depot theology of “You can do it, We can help.”

People want to know that their faith is built on something. And not just an ethereal subjective, slippery post-modern “something” but on something rock-solidly objective, namely the authority and sovereignty of God as revealed in the written Word of God.

I’ve been blessed to meet people who are ignited in their desire to worship God “as He is” and not “as we’d prefer Him to be” and to read the Word as it written and not as we’d prefer it to be written.

May God ignite the fire of desire for all of His Word in all of His churches for the equipping of all of His people for the displaying of all of His Glory to be displayed in all of His creation!

“Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life,” John 6:68


About Mike Sung Im

Trying to love of God with all my heart, mind, strength, and soul. Trying to love others as myself. I'll let you know when I get there.
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